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Large Ass BBW

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There used to be a saying while I was at school, ‘nice ass shame about the face’, well that is not a saying you need to use here… Not only has Mo got a fantastic looking ass she is damn well pretty too, not just pretty she is sooo hot I want to jump through the screen and take a piece of her right now.

I think I am going to have to move on out to the West Coast because it cannot be a co-incidence that Thick Booty BBW is based there and to have so much big phat ass and big booty all in one place is just so unfair for the rest of us.


SSBBW Ginger

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I hope you get as excited as I did when you see this SSBBW in this picture gallery. This is the sexy, the curvy and the gorgeous Ginger although I admit I prefer seeing her in black panties and kinky leather boots, maybe green just isn’t her best color. With such a great body and a super large ass it stands to reason that Ginger will have her own web site correct? Absolutely… Just point your mouse and click BBW Ginger and you can start enjoying more of this super sized big beautiful woman up close and personal.

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Big Ass Plompers

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I am in a bit of a rush today so just a quick post before I have to pop out. This is a decent big ass movie gallery from the guys over at Plompers. Excuse the grainy quality of this screen capture, I had to reduce it to fit on the screen, I promise when you visit this  gallery the quality will be much better.

Monique And Her Big BBW Ass

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Monique BBW
Big White Ass – Monique

Monique is a very popular bbw and it is hardly surprising when she has such a great white ass (just look at those black panties nestled deep in her tight butt cheeks). Monique does have a kinky side as well as a wild side and she enjoys exposing her naked sexy charms in front of the camera.

In this big ass gallery Monique is making a guest appearance for Thick Booty BBW a site totally dedicated to lovers of big sexy ass. Take a visit and enjoy watching Monique in action as she gets banged from behind by a black stud.

Miss Mina – Solo BBW

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Miss Mina
Amateur BBW With A Big Ass

I have just noticed that although I have a banner for this hot solo bbw (top right corner) I have never made a personal mention of her. That is bad because if you haven’t heard of Miss Mina yet then you are missing out on some serious big amateur ass (60 inches of it to be more precise). If you prefer solo sites that are actually created, run and maintained by the owners themselves then you will enjoy Miss Mina.

This is a solo bbw site in every sense of the word, not a cock in site and although there is plenty of fat pussy exposing the only thing entering into it are her own fingers or her sex toys. The majority of the material is filmed in her very own home with no fancy back drops or studio settings.

This amateur BBW loves taking care of her visitors to the site, each one is treated as an individual as Mina adds her very own personal touch dealing with each member on a 1–2–1 level. With her amazing 42D tits and her incredible 60 inches of pure white ass Miss Mina has a lot to offer and a lot to love and admire.

Amateur BBW In Tight Panties

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This is an image you are going to close your eyes and remember for a while to come. Amateur bbw model Lexi Vaine with her striking long flowing brunette hair and piercing blue eyes, pure beauty!! Lexi Vaine has not only a super sized pair of tits, she also has a large fat ass which she loves showing off and sharing with everyone.

If you would like to see a whole lot more of Lexi and her big ass as well as a whole host of her equally as big and sexy amateur friends then visit Curvy Cash Now

Happy Birthday BBW Big Ass

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How many times have you complained about how quick time has passed you by, Big Ass BBW is one year old today, I could hardly believe it when I checked the archives. I was looking back over some of the ladies that have been featured so far when I noticed the first post on the November 3rd (actually had three posts all on the same day). Not only was I surprised I was a little annoyed at myself for not sharing even more of my big ass finds with you so I am making a VERY early New Years resolution. Lots more BBW ASS from now until the end of the year and to TRIPLE that amount during 2009…

Same Site New Look

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Hey folks, regulars will notice that I have changed the theme again. I liked the old one but I tried to get a post ready for today and there were some limitations and sizing issues so here we are with another new look and feel within a month of the last change. Hopefully you will still find the site just as easy to navigate and that the galleries are still swift to load for you. I am just about to load a few FREE galleries from CJ Wright I seem to be mentioning that guy an awful lot lately, I guess his women have just hit an exciteable spot with me. Keep an eye out on the right hand menu for the new gallery thumbs that should be in place within 10 minutes of this entry…

Interracial BBW sex

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Sixty inches of pure white fat ass, this is the lovely Victoria, another big ass bbw discovered by CJ Wright. In this interracial sex feast Victoria is busy going around the home naked while being followed with a camera. I guess the site of this naked big ass got too much for CJ as moments later they were on the floor having sex.

Luckily for us CJ Wright doesn’t just get to make love big beautiful women, he gets to film and shoot all the action first hand. Enjoy this 60 inch ass as the soft folds of flesh are parted exposing both her butt and pussy together. CJ wastes no time in fucking Victoria on all fours and of course he captures it all on film.


Exciting Big Ass BBW

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Big Ass BBW
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I am an excited little bunny this morning, why you might ask? I have been informed about a new site that I never knew existed which is full of the sexiest big ass bbw I have seen in a long time and trust me, I have seen some great ass over the years but it will take some to beat the material on offer over at CJ Wright XXX.

I just cannot understand where such great material has been hiding all this time, CJ Wright is an obvious admirer of not just big sexy chicks but ones with perfect round asses as well. I am just dumb struck at how he has managed to assemble such a fantastic group of girls together. Believe me if I could make you click the CJ Wright XXX link by force I would as it is rare a site has such an immediate impact on me as CJ Wright XXX has done.

All BBW Porn All Big Ass

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Lots More Of My BBW Ass This Way

I love this movie sample which was kindly sent to me by the guys over at All BBW Porn, a one for all sites pass which gets you into several top quality BBW web sites. Enjoy this movie by clicking on the image and watch as this big ass babe spreads herself on all fours before parting those butt cheeks with her hand allowing you a sneak of her fat pussy.

BBW Big Ass

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This big fat sexy ass belongs to Kali. A BBW with an impressive 40 inch pair of breasts and a gorgeous 60 inch ass. Kali says that she enjoys both male and female companionship but no matter who she is with, her favorite sexual position is on her back with her legs spread wide in the air or doggy style if with a male. In this particular bbw gallery, Kalli can be enjoyed posing in her sexy black panties.

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Big Ass BBW

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Watch My Big Ass Shake As I Take Some Hard Cock Action

Okay this is my kind of big ass, probably my favorite picture so far. Curvy, large, sexy and with a skimpy black thong disappearing up the crack of her butt its enough to make me go pop. What a tease those stockings are as well, this is just a perfect image in every way possible. So where did I manage to find this leather clad bbw looking sultry and wanting? Thick Booty BBW is the answer to that one, a brand spanking new site worshiping big bbw ass and containing plenty of hot bbw sex. You will find an abundance of fat sex, bbw cock sucking and of course lots of big bbw booty.

More Big BBW Ass



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When you are talking big ass then the SSBBW ass of BBW Anna certainly takes some beating, here she is pictured squatting on her haunches display lots of succulent loose fat around her inner thighs. Her hairy pussy with all that plumpness surrounding it also looks more than a little inviting. I would love to lay on my back and slide underneath this SSBBW’s under carriage for a closer inspection, burying my face into her love nest. You can just see that this big fat pussy has lots of love juice to offer.

Visit BBW Annas Official Site Click Here


BBW Upskirt – Big Ass

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View More From This BBW Upskirt Gallery

This Bootyliscious BBW ass belongs to Jami Marie. Okay this is not a true upskirt picture as in voyeur style (she certainly knew the camera was filming) but it is still a lovey big ass upskirt picture. I just love the way those sexy black panties disappear into the crack of her fat ass. With a 26/28 panty size Jami Marie certainly has a lot of white bbw ass to offer her fans.

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