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What a great relief to see CJ Wright XXX going back to his winning ways. Have you visited his site recently, it had gone downhill for a while with far too much promotion going on for his latest anal sex site CJ Wright Anal XXX. It is a pleasant surprise to see him back on track with what I feel he is best at, big ass bbw’s. He certainly has a knack for finding big ass women, he is like a magnet, he seems to attract the most fantastic big ass bbw.

The problem for me came in the middle part of last year when he allowed his Anal Sex Site to get in the way. I have nothing against anal porn however I don’t want to see links to it all over the BBW area, I found it a distraction. It would seem that he has listened to his members concerns and the Anal links have finally been removed.

Amateur BBW Ass

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Amateur BBW Ass
More Reader Submitted Pictures – Click Here

Do you prefer your big beautiful women raw and 100% amateur? BBW Girlfriends is a new site which invites visitors to send in images of their girlfriends. They have had a massive response and of course, everything is totally hardcore and uncensored. The women are totally relaxed in their own homes and knowing that it is their boyfriend, lover or husband filming them means you get full unscripted anything goes bbw filth!!

BBW Girlfriends – Take a look for yourself or Upload your own pictures – Click Here

BBW Black Ass

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Click Here For The Sample Gallery

Big chunky Crystal treats us to a teasing look at her luscious body as her tight black thong vanishes between her crack cheeks. Her ample curves are perfect and her soft ebony folds of skin ripple as she runs her hands all over her body, getting herself aroused.

With a cheeky smile Crystal is on all fours, her panties peeled down around her ankles as she awaits some hard man meat, inviting it to be plunged into her deep wet hole. Soon she is in full swing, her pussy and ass take a real pounding as she grinds out orgasm after orgasm in front of the camera.

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Face Smothering

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Face Smothering
Extreme Face Sitting – Click Here

As I lay on the floor my lover straddled my head. Slowly she lowered her big fat sexy ass down until it fully smothered my face. The musky smell of her panties was a big turn on, I just kept thinking of all that big fat juicy juice that had soaked into the black fabric.

Breathing was getting tricky. Grasping her large chunky thighs I pulled on on them hoping to create a space to suck some extra air into my lungs. Instead I sunk deeper into her soft flesh as she pulled her panties to one side and started to ride my face. I could just hear her muffled groans of pleasure as her thighs tightened around my ears and the first orgasm ripped through her large frame.

Big Ass Action

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Watch The Action Heat Up – Click Here

Some big ass girl on girl action of a different nature as CJ Wright once again shows us why his BBW Site stands out from the crowd. Watch these two fat sexy chicks as they roll around on top of one another, grappling and manhandling each other in their version of a bbw fight club. Two attractive bbw’s both with an abundance of big ass appeal tugging away at each other on the floor, could it get any hotter than this. Find out by taking a look for yourself at CJ Wright:


Veronica Bottoms BBW Ass

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More Veronica Bottoms Ass – Click Here

As you might have guessed by now, I have quite a soft spot for the fine curves of Veronica Bottoms and her lovely bbw ass. When I saw Veronica wearing fishnet stockings and bending over to reveal a skimpy pink thong buried between those large ass cheeks my head certainly went light and my pants very tight.

This is a picture taken from a recent Rodney Moore update at his website Scale Bustin Babes. A fantastic site if you want to see a variety of BBW’s and size however if it is pure Veronica sex appeal that you seek then bookmark


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Big BBW Ass
Watch Chyna Fyre Spread Her Cheeks – Click Here

Wow wouldn’t you feel you had hit the jackpot seeing this lovely bbw ass on the beach. If this is your introduction to Chyna-Fyre, then what can I say. You have obviously been missing out on some stunning bbw ass. Here we see Chyna spreading those ass cheeks as she works on her all over tan. As you can see, Chyna was wearing just black lace thong to protect her modesty from the onlookers. Now then, anyone here like to rub some oil into this sexy fat ass – Click Here:


BBW Ass – Topaz LaDai

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Big Ass
Watch Me Take Your Cock From Behind

Topaz LaDai is a big ass legend. Her huge white butt is already adored by thousands and it is about to get a whole lot more popular. Topaz agreed to shoot a hard-core session for my favorite guy CJ Wright and you can see a preview by Clicking Here. Enjoy Topaz Ladai having her ass worshiped by a true lover of big beautiful butts before she offers her fat pussy for the taking.

Big Black Ass

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Would You Like To See My Pussy?

Looking at this image and big black ass gallery it is hard to imagine how this gorgeous gal ever managed to get her skimpy panties up and over those butt pillows. This for me is a perfect example of how I like my black big beautiful women to look. Large tits, wide hips, big fat ass and stunningly beautiful. However it is no good having the looks and the body if you don’t know how to use them.

You won’t be disappointed to know that this bbbw should have a degree in filthy sex. Enjoy the images as she sucks on some large black cock before getting her black pussy flaps parted and penetrated as she gets fucked big style. Or go straight for the movie downloads and watch her ass bounce as she grinds out every last orgasm in this pussy ripping action.


BBW Pear Shaped Ass

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BBW Pear Shaped Ass

On my search for sexy ass BBW’s I was nearly blown away when I came across this beautiful pear shaped ass. This is Cherry Liscious a Hispanic bbw who has a staggering set of stats at 40– 46–69. It is not often I am lost for words but if this bbw pear shaped ass doesn’t sell itself to you then I don’t know what will. Make sure you do not allow this one to slip you by without taking a closer look here.

Aviva Juda BBW Ass

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Aviva Juda
See More Of Aviva By Clicking Here

I have always featured pretty ladies on this site as, as long as they have a big full ass and they are attractive in one way or another then they make it onto the BBW Big Ass pages. Today I am featuring Aviva Juda and it is not often I am stumped for words. I could go on all day describing just how beautiful she is and it still would not do her justice. There isn’t a man I know who has not fallen in love with her beauty at the very first sight. If her beauty isn’t enough to get you wanting more of her then her pear shaped body and perfectly shaped big white ass certainly is.

Aviva Juda
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Aviva fans can find an awful lot more of her beautiful looks and bbw ass by visiting her main site or they can cheat. They can get nearly as much Aviva Juda and a whole host more of big white ass by checking out her other place of interest that is Butt Jungle. This site features big butts from regulars as well as guest appearances from many well known bbw’s and it even has a section for amateurs to upload their home footage.

Aviva Juda is my kind of woman, perfect from tip to toe, she has the looks and she certainly has a body to match, tell me you wouldn’t like to pluck that tight black thong out from her ass with your teeth.




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More Of This BBBW Ass

I very much doubt that you will have seen this lovely bbbw ass before. This impressive 60” butt belongs to new girl Alyze. This ebony newcomer may lack a little experience but you would never tell in this big ass gallery.  As Alyze slowly tempts us further by peeling off her sexy black lingerie and revealing more of those generous curves the cameraman takes his opportunity in offering to show Alyze the ropes. Alyze wastes no time in accepting his offer and she is soon absorbing his black man meat into that fat black pussy of hers.

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Big Black Oiled Ass

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Plenty More Big Black Ass – Click Here

Seriously just look and admire this oiled up ass for a second and tell me that this is not perfection. Every time I stop by CJ Wright he has another new bbw to show off with and he obviously has a thing like I do for the ones with the larger butts. This bbbw goes by the name of Ms Knight and you just know that with an ass like this she is going to be a big hit with both ass and bbw fans from around the world.

Veronica Bottoms BBW Butt

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Veronica Bottoms
Plenty More Veronica Bottoms This Way

I have a friend who is just as mad, if not worse than me for big beautiful women and in particular big bbw butts. At the moment they just cannot get enough of Veronica Bottoms and looking at her super fine ass in this big butt gallery its easy to understand the attraction and sex appeal that Veronica Bottoms commands. With her true bbw pear shaped body comes an eye candy pair of 40DDD boobs and 56 inches of fine bbw butt. This mighty fine big ass is going to go on growing from strength to strength.

Big Fat Sexy Ass

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Big Fat Sexy Ass
Click Here For More Of This Big Fat Sexy Ass

Here we have a fat Latina butt which is well worth worshiping. This big fat sexy ass belongs to the gorgeous bbw Princess Lissa. Here we see Lissa on all fours showing us her large wondrous ass as she spreads her plump pussy lips apart hoping for a big cock to arrive and take her doggy style.

This girl is not all about the big ass, she has an equally impressive set of G cup tits and a beautiful large squidgy belly add this to her pretty Latina looks and Princess Lissa has more than enough curves to keep the most dedicated fat lovers happy.


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